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The Maintenance department's role is to provide quality services which ensure safe living environments to all individuals we support and to provide safe Agency work environments. 

Woodshop Tools


"To obtain and implement a paperless maintenance system"

The Maintenance department's 2020-2021 goal is to obtain and implement a paperless maintenance system. This goal will provide a more efficient Work Order (W/O) process, which will allow us to improve the following: reaction times, access to past W/O logs, better communication, and accountability for all. We look forward to all the positive change and advancements this goal will help us to achieve.


Summer Maintenance and Safety Tips

“Beauty lies in your own backyard.”​

  • Always make sure your lawn is free of debris before mowing as this can cause damage to the lawnmower blades as well as risking injury to the operator.

  • Do not mow lawn after a recent rainfall or after using the sprinkler, a dry lawn cuts much easier and a wet lawn can cause the grass to clump together and bog up underneath the mower housing.

  • Please ensure mower blades are sharp, this can be done by flipping the lawnmower on its side and visually observing any chips or deficiencies on the blades DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOOK AT BLADES WHILE MOWER IS RUNNING. If blades require sharpening, please submit a work order to the Maintenance Team.

  • Make sure gas and oil levels are at an adequate level before operating, oil can be checked the same way as a vehicle by removing the dipstick, wiping access oil, dipping back in and then observing. Contact maintenance if oil levels appear low as overfilling can flood into the carburetor and damage the mower engine.

  • For more tips and safety precautions please refer to our Lawn Mower Safety poster.