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The Maintenance department's role is to provide quality services which ensure safe living environments to all individuals we support and to provide safe Agency work environments. 

Woodshop Tools


"To obtain and implement a paperless maintenance system"

The Maintenance department's 2020-2021 goal is to obtain and implement a paperless maintenance system. This goal will provide a more efficient Work Order (W/O) process, which will allow us to improve the following: reaction times, access to past W/O logs, better communication, and accountability for all. We look forward to all the positive change and advancements this goal will help us to achieve.

Christmas Lights


Holiday Maintenance and Safety Tips

  • Inspect electrical decorations for damage before use. Cracked or damaged sockets, loose, or bare wires, and loose connections may cause a serious shock or start a fire.

  • Do NOT overload electrical outlets. Overloaded electrical outlets and faulty wires are a common cause of holiday fires.

  •  Never connect more than three strings of incandescent lights. More than three strands may not only blow a fuse, bit can also cause a fire.

  • Keep real trees fresh by watering. Dry Christmas trees are a serious fire hazard.

  • Protect cords from damage. To avoid shock or fire hazards, cords should never be pinched by furniture, forced into small spaces such as doors or windows, placed under rugs, located near heat sources, or attached by nails or staples.

  • Stay in the kitchen while something is cooking. Unattended cooking equipment is the leading cause of at home kitchen fires.