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The Maintenance Department's role is to provide

quality services which ensure safe living environments to all individuals we support and to provide safe Agency work environments. 



“Implement a recycling program throughout the Agency”


The Maintenance Department 2023-2024 goal is to create a recycling program throughout the agency and in turn create better habits when it comes to recycling. Did you know according to a recent study by national geographic that roughly 91% of the world’s plastic is NOT recycled! With the increasing ban of single use plastic items and recent implements city wide regarding recycling (blue, green bins) our goal is to continue this push for a greener world by enabling Quest to take the necessary steps forward. Recycling used materials and products reduces greenhouse gases, uses significantly less energy, maximizes the use of finite natural resources, and diverts material from landfills. It also helps to create more jobs! The recycling industry creates 10x the job opportunities than the waste industry. Going forward the Maintenance Department will check in with homes and programs and provide the latest knowledge in recycling protocols to help us keep on track with our goal.




Ever wonder what should and shouldn’t go into your blue recycling bin? Click the link below to learn more about your recycling bin and how you can better utilize it to help reduce your carbon footprint!

When you mow your lawn do you mow it without a bag and leave the fresh clippings in a mess on your lawn? If you leave your mower bag on, are you tired of having to bag it separately only to have to take it over to a waste station? Well good news! As of 2023 the city of Lethbridge has provided a green organic bin to all homes within the city that you can use for grass, leaves and any other organic yard waste. Along with the green bin a smaller container has been provided meant for your kitchen, feel free to utilize this for banana peels, eggshells and all other waste that is organic.


When does my green bin get emptied? Your green bin will be emptied weekly from May-October and Biweekly from November-April the day it is emptied will be determined on when your black/blue bin is emptied.

Green pickup dates are currently as follows and occur on a different day than your black/blue bin pickup.


Click the link below to find out more about your green bin and how you can best utilize it!

Screenshot 2023-06-26 143844.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 11.53.40 AM.png

Emergency Maintenance Handbook:

As a Maintenance Team our main objective is to assist our staff and individuals in building maintenance and knowledge to help provide quality services and a comfortable well-maintained location. Having knowledge on how building emergency situations can occur and what the best solution to prevent and maintain, is a huge part in ensuring the safety of our Quest Community.


All programs and homes come equipped with an Emergency Maintenance Handbook unique to their location. These handbooks aim to assist and manage household maintenance emergencies in a stress-free experience. Please get familiar with this handbook and know its location within your work site. Both physical and digital copies are available at each program and home.



With the warm weather upon us, the Maintenance Department would like to provide some tips to help maintain your home during the spring/summer seasons!


Sidewalk salt and shovels should be placed back in storage. Summer equipment such as lawnmowers, hoses, sprinklers etc. should be brought out of storage in anticipation of the upcoming months!

Who doesn’t like the smell of a fresh cut lawn? In order to ensure your lawn stays healthy and green the best times to water it are early in the morning before that afternoon sun hits, this allows your lawn to absorb moisture that would otherwise get dried out and evaporate from the hot summer sun.

It is a good rule of thumb to try and water your lawn 2-3 times a week for roughly 30-45 at a time, of course this may depend on heat as well as rain. If your lawn starts to look brown and crispy that is a good indicator that it needs some love aka H2O.

The more often you cut your lawn the easier it will make maintenance in the long run, cutting through shorter grass is much better for your lawnmower and will create less effort on yourself as well. A good rule of thumb is to mow your lawn once a week!

Utilize the cities yard waste stations as well as your organic (green bin) to dispose of any yard waste you may create.


Yard waste stations:

West Depot: 296 Bridge Dr. W

North Depot: 2200 Stafford Dr. N

South Depot: 2665 28 Ave. S


Now that you have some helpful tips on how to keep your yard happy and healthy during the summer months it’s time to focus on you!

Grab a popsicle, turn on some music, stay safe and have fun!



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