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The Maintenance department's role is to provide quality services which ensure safe living environments to all individuals we support and to provide safe Agency work environments. 

Lawn Maintenance




"Provide energy efficient recommendations to homes. ​"


The Maintenance Department's 2022-2023 goal is to provide energy efficient recommendations to all living locations. This goal will require research into energy efficient solutions including light fixtures, bulbs, smart thermostats, wired CO2/smoke detectors, smart heating equipment, sealing windows and doors, etc. These recommendations and potential changes will assist in keeping cost of living manageable as utility costs will reduce or remain low. It will also assist in contributing towards greener homes and reducing admissions in our community. We look forward to connecting with the quest living community and seeing how we can work together towards long-term energy efficient homes.  

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Spring Maintenance Tips


Inside your home.

  • Check Smoke Detectors and make sure you have a spare battery on hand (D battery).

  • Wash all the windows.

  • Request AC units to be reinstalled once weather permits.


Outside once the snow has completely melted.

  • Move your snow shovel and de-icer/sand into a safe, storage area.

  • Check your lawnmower to make sure it will start --- may take a few times --- but the first start of the year is very important for your lawnmower’s seasonal maintenance. 

  • Ensure there is no build up or debris in the bottom of the downspouts left from the winter months.


By following these tips, you will be able to keep your home a safe and healthy place to live!


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