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The Maintenance department's role is to provide quality services which ensure safe living environments to all individuals we support and to provide safe Agency work environments. 





"Provide energy efficient recommendations to homes. ​"


The Maintenance Department's 2022-2023 goal is to provide energy efficient recommendations to all living locations. This goal will require research into energy efficient solutions including light fixtures, bulbs, smart thermostats, wired CO2/smoke detectors, smart heating equipment, sealing windows and doors, etc. These recommendations and potential changes will assist in keeping cost of living manageable as utility costs will reduce or remain low. It will also assist in contributing towards greener homes and reducing admissions in our community. We look forward to connecting with the quest living community and seeing how we can work together towards long-term energy efficient homes.  

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Ice Skating


Winter Conditions 


To ensure everyone is safe during icy and snowy winter conditions, the City of Lethbridge asks homeowners to clear any snow, ice or other debris which has been deposited on the sidewalk next to their property within 24 hours.   


Have a little; extra energy, good cheer or just feel like performing an act of kindness why not help shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk! 


Need sand for your sidewalk? 


The City of Lethbridge has two locations where you can get free sand for slippery sidewalks: 

·         At the North Lethbridge Recycling Station along Stafford Drive, north of Scenic Drive.  

·         At the West Lethbridge Recycling Station on the corner of University Drive West and Bridge Drive West.  


If you would like to use this sand on your sidewalk, please bring along a bucket or bag and a shovel to aid in loading.  


What happens if you don't keep your sidewalk clear?  


According to The City of Lethbridge website you may receive a notice requiring that your sidewalks be cleared. Failure to comply may result in a first offence penalty of $50, a second offence of $100 and a third offence of $150. 




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