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The LIVING Program at Quest helps develop and foster relationships within the home and community. This program works in collaboration with individuals, families, and community members to provide quality supports to people in their own home or a shared home. 

The LIVING Program offers supports to over 60 people in a variety of settings which include, 1:1 complex settings, shared 24/7 staffed arrangements, as well as roommate companion arrangements. 



Goal 2023-24: Realigning processes to create an engaged and empowered workforce. After heavy discussion, evaluation, and innovation, with the help of everyone involved in the LIVING department, we were successful in mapping out this goal. This will be a 2-year goal and will be broken down as follows:

Year 1: Re-aligning processes, which will focus on collecting feedback on current processes and understanding how we can modify and enhance these current processes.

Year 2: Creating an engaged and empowered workforce, which will focus on rolling out initiatives modified in the first year and creating new innovative approaches.


The snow has arrived, and winter is here! We wanted to provide you with tips and tricks to be prepared for whatever this season happens to throw your way.

  • Take an inventory of your winter supplies and top up where needed. Essentials include: a shovel, de-icer, gloves, a winter coat, winter boats, a snowbrush, and a toque.

  • When snow is falling, shovel often. This will help reduce the chance of injury and keep walkways safe for yourself, guests, and community members.

  • Give yourself time to get from point “A” to point “B”. This means waking up early, starting your car to allow it to warm up, and leaving 5-10 minutes earlier than you normally would. This will ensure you get to where you need to be on time.

  • Prepare ahead of time. When the temperatures drop below 20, be sure you are plugging in your vehicle. This will prevent those morning delays.

  • Enjoy what winter has to offer. Go view Christmas lights at night, take advantage of the seasonal activities being hosted by the community, bundle up and go sledding at the sugar bowl, or go for a nice winter walk with a hot beverage of your choice. What we are getting at is, have fun!


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