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The LIVING Program at Quest helps develop and foster relationships within the home and community. This program works in collaboration with individuals, families, and community members to provide quality supports to people in their own home or a shared home. 

The LIVING Program offers supports to over 60 people in a variety of settings which include, 1:1 complex settings, shared 24/7 staffed arrangements, as well as roommate companion arrangements. 



"To enhance and promote cleaning practices in the group home"

Going through the pandemic, safety and cleanliness has been a top priority. Living will be continuing to put a priority on house cleanliness by developing consistent standards across the department, and enhancing the cleaning resources and expectations at homes. We look forward to including everyone in the process of being proud to show off all the amazing spaces individuals live in. 

Ski Lodge


With Fall/Winter on the way; a couple things to remember as the weather gets cooler:

  • Put a work request in to have the window AC units removed before October.

  • When completing the final grass cut of the season:

    • Leave the grass a little longer; 2.5-3”

    • Leave the grass clippings on the grass rather than bagging and disposing of them

    • Fertilize the lawn

  • Before the first snowfall:

    • Turn off the outside water line

    • Pack up and put away lawn furniture, sprinklers, hoses, and yard equipment

    • Bring out the driveway salt and snow shovel

  • Put away summer clothes and bring out winter clothes; if the house needs anything (jackets, toque, gloves etc.) make sure to request the funds sooner rather than later

  • Prepare the home for Fall cleaning (declutter, clean those neglected places around the house etc.)

  • Start making holiday plans early and inform the necessary people as soon as possible to ensure success (ie. Making Christmas lists and requesting funds, booking time off with ERC)

  • As always, document the fun things your do and send the pictures into the office to share with individuals support team


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