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October 2022
Francis Abeleda

Tell Quest something about yourself (family, travel, school, etc)
Francis is 44 years old and is a graduate from the Bachelor of Science in Physical
Therapy program in the Philippines. In his free time he loves spending time with his
How long have you worked at Quest and what location/ program do you work at?
Francis has worked at Quest for 7 years, been on the residential side of things just
under 6 years at house 32!
What is your best moment at Quest? Or what has been your biggest accomplishment at

His biggest accomplishment is being recognized for Employee of The Month.
What advice would you give to the new hires?
His advice to the new hires is "to love their job in order to perform well by enhancing
the lives of individuals"
If you could be any fictional character or animal, who/what would you choose and why?
He would choose Superman! Everyone looks like him, like a hero



What happens when someone is chosen for Employee of the Month?

  • Employee of the Month will receive: 

    • One day off with pay​

    • An exclusive Employee of the Month tumbler

    • A feature in the Quest Newsletter and Website

    • An entry into an end of the year draw for a prize to be drawn at the Quest Christmas Party​

  • All nominees will receive:

    • A mention in the Quest Newsletter​

    • An entry into an end of the year draw for a prize to be drawn at the Quest Christmas Party​

  • All people who nominate will receive:

    • An entry into an end of the year draw for a prize to be drawn at the Quest Christmas Party

How do you nominate someone?

  • Nominate an employee who does exceptional work or has done something to be proud of!

  • Click the button on the top right corner of this website page

  • Nomination forms can be found at all Quest locations

  • Submit to a member of the ERC or in the nomination box at the Main Office

Who can nominate someone?

  • DSWI and DSWII Staff can nominate

  • Quest individuals can nominate

  • Each person can only nominate one staff member per month


Quest recognizes those employees who have achieved milestone anniversaries with the company. Employees who have reached their five, ten, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty-year milestones receive a special recognition and gift. In addition to the five-year gift, employees receive additional holiday and personal days per year, as well as an increase in vacation pay (See policy ER-11 for details). We appreciate all of the hard work our staff put in over the years and look forward to many more years to come! 

Employees will receive their first annual wage increase upon completion of their one-year file requirements.

Swipe left to see employees reaching anniversary milestones in 2022!