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The Behaviour Management Department understands that individuals might be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or concerned during this time. Stress during infectious disease outbreaks can cause: changes in sleeping or eating, difficulty concentrating, worsening of chronic health problems, worsening of mental health conditions, or increased use of substances (such as alcohol and other recreational drugs). As these conditions become more prevalent, staff are encouraged to use the scripting samples attached to help individuals regain a sense of control and anxiety reduction. Click here to view scripting samples during COVID-19.


The Behaviour Management department provides additional supports to individuals who have complex behavioural support needs, and their staff. In providing additional behaviour supports, it is the role of the Behaviour Management department to identify why the behaviour is happening, and develop strategies that will help reduce, change, or eliminate the behaviour of concern. It is also our responsibility to assist DSWI and DSWII staff with day-to-day care and tasks such as writing reports, identifying behaviours, and assisting individuals with behavioural needs as best we can. Click here for department resources.

Support Group


"Increasing our presence within the Quest Community"

The Behaviour Management department has gone through some exciting changes this year. The team has grown and now consists of three management members who are working towards a goal of increasing their presence within the Quest Community. The team is working on providing face-to-face interactions, training, observations, monitorings, and consultations to better assist staff in supporting complex individuals. This goal will enhance relationships with individuals and the behaviour management team.

Support Group


Incident Reports are forms that employees fill out when something out of the ordinary happens. Sometimes Incident Reports are filled out because of an accident, such as scraping a knee, cutting a finger, or slipping in the bathtub. Other times an Incident Report might be filled out because someone was yelling and swearing, throwing things, hitting, or because they couldn’t be found. Whatever the reason for filling out an Incident Report, it’s important that they’re filled out correctly.

Incident Reports themselves can be intimidating. They are a two page document that expects the writer to set aside their feelings and objectively 

write down what happened. This is called "objective writing". Objective writing uses only facts to record what was seen, and by whom. If you have question about how to fill out Incident Reports correctly, or what it means to write objectively, check out our videos on "Incident Reports" (left) and "Objective Writing" (right) to answer your questions.

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