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Who are we? 

Quest employees are motivated, positive, caring, and team oriented people. We have the drive to support and enable people of all abilities to live the most happy, productive, and independent lives possible. We understand our role and genuinely enjoy coming to work each day. We understand that not every day will be fun or perfect, but that is all part of the journey to assist individuals to live the lives that they choose.



"Enhance Agency-wide Employee Recognition Program"

The Employee Resource Centre's 2019-2020 goal is to enhance Agency-wide recognition program. Through this year's goal, we hope to foster better relationships between DSWI/DSWII employees and the Management team. It will also enable Management to recognize strong performance and create a platform to show appreciation to our amazing employees in a more structured way. In turn, this will empower employees to perform well in their roles, and allow the individuals we support to receive the best possible supports. 

Fall Tokens


Fall Self-Care

ERC wants to encourage employees to practice self-care and do things that make them happy! Enjoy time with friends and family, stay active, eat healthy and have fun carrying out your hobbies and activities.  All of these things will contribute positively to your physical and mental health.  With flu-season approaching, it's more important now more than ever to take care of our health and self-care.