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Our Quest Peer Mentor is Preston N! Peer Mentors are members of AIR who support peers and promote inclusion within the Programs. Some key responsibilities of the peer mentors are: competing individual program tours and orientations, presenting at Agency Orientation, promoting engagements within Quest and the community, conducting surveys, hosting training sessions, and representing the Agency. 


Preston is certified in teaching Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol (APRP). They not only present in our Agency Orientation, but they will now be co-teaching future APRP courses.  

News Update from AIR:

We are excited to have most everyone back at program due to reduced restrictions in the province. If you missed our Canada Day celebration on June 30th, go check the Quest Instagram page @QUESTYQL for some lovely pictures. 

This month, we have exciting events and activities lined up, some of which will be available over Zoom. You can check the calendar above to find the activities and events that will be available and for the Zoom information. 

Our monthly activities and challenges like the #swagtag campaign and Flippin Friday challenge on Instagram will continue this month. You have the chance to win great prizes if you take part in weekly challenges. Tacklebox Tuesday and Wheelie Wednesday are also happening throughout the month. Movie Nights at Reach will be in full effect this month, and we will be having movie suggestion polls every Monday on the Reach Facebook account. The movie with the most votes will be watched on the Friday of the same week. Please note that this is only available to those who are currently allowed inside the Reach program.

Introducing Game Show Thursdays! Game Show Thursdays will feature games like Name that Tune, Trivia, Bingo etc. and will be available over Zoom. The video game competition for Reach peeps is July 29th. If you are presently allowed into Reach you can sign up anytime; and if you are not sure whether or not you’re allowed, please talk to your supervisor and let them know you’d like to participate. 

Other activities and events we would be celebrating in the month of July include Nunavut Day (July 9th), Friends and Ice cream which will celebrate both National Ice Cream Month & International Friendship Day (July 30th), and there will be Picnic in the Park each Friday of the month of July. Did I hear you say exciting?! 

Make sure to follow the Reach Facebook and Quest Instagram for more information and updates on all our activities throughout the month including locations of where some of these activities and events will be taking place. If you have any question or need more clarification, please email ac@questsupport.com.​​