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At Quest Support Services, we are doing our very best to help support staff through the COVID-19 pandemic. Information and memos will be posted on the Health and Safety page. We will be following directions and recommendations from the Government of Canada and Province of Alberta. If you have any questions or need additional support, please contact Megan Latzkowski at the Quest Main Office. 

Quest Support Services asks that all employees practice preventative measures as outlined by the Government of Canada such as: 

  • Frequent hand-washing

  • Cleaning regularly

  • Wiping and disinfecting surfaces

  • Physical distancing of at least six feet

  • Proper use of PPE

Forest Path


"Mental health is just as important as physical health. Remember that." -Unknown

Phone Resources:

Mental Health Helpline: 1-877-303-2642​

Addictions Helpline: 1-866-332-2322​

Police 9-1-1 OR 403-328-4444​

Distress Line 403-327-7905

Crisis Intervention Line 1-888-787-2880​

LFS Counselling Services 403-327-5724​

Health Link 8-1-1

Online Resources

Distress Line of South Western Alberta

This is a 24-hour phone support line for persons experiencing a crisis. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Someone who won't criticize, complain, argue, and tell you what to do or what not to do. That someone could be the people of the Distress Line of South Western Alberta. 

The trained staff of the distress line, operated by the Canadian Mental Health Association, will listen and refer you, if you would like, to the services or options which are available to you. If all you want is someone to talk to, they are there to listen.

The distress line provides 24/7 telephone support for people who are in distress and require support, intervention, and/or information & referral services. 

Call (403) 327-7905 or Toll Free +1 (888) 787-2880

Addiction & Mental Health Community Walk-in Clinic:

Location: 200 - 5 Avenue South

Phone: (403) 381-5260


   Tuesday: 1230-1500

   Wednesday: 1230-1500

   Friday: 0900-1100



The Agency has zero tolerance for domestic violence. If you would like more information regarding any of these topics, or you would like to find out how to stop someone (or yourself) from being exposed to domestic abuse, please contact Quest Management and/or the resources below.

Domestic abuse is often referred to as family violence or spousal abuse. It involves the controlling behaviour of someone who is close to you and can include any intentional or reckless act that causes injury, property damage or intimidation to yourself or a family member. Examples of acts of domestic abuse can include (but not limited too):
• Verbal and emotional abuse, e.g., name-calling
• Hitting, punching, kicking, strangulation and other forms of physical abuse
• Sexual Assault
• Forced confinement
• Neglect
• Financial abuse
• Stalking and Harassment
• Ridiculing a person’s religious or personal beliefs
• Threatens to harm you, other people or animals

Many forms of domestic abuse are crimes and can happen against men, women or children. Research also shows that violence in the home may have harmful and lasting consequences for the well-being of children.

Phone Resources:
Family Violence Information Line 403-310-1818
Child Support Services Lethbridge 403-380-2272
Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-387-5437
Parent Information Line 1-88-603-9100
Distress Line 403-327-7905
YWCA Harbour House 403-329-1881
YWCA Outreach Services 403-329-0088
Womenspace 403-329-8338
Native Women’s Transition Home 403-329-6506

Online Resources: 

Child's Pose


Quest is committed to maintaining a safe work environment, from encouraging stretching to offering specialized training courses. Here are some additional training resources. 



Did you know that if you are on the health portion of our benefits plan, you are also eligible for the employee & family assistance program? This includes 12 free counselling sessions per year. Please see the benefits booklet, available on AVANTI for more information. 

You can also use the Alberta Blue Cross Portal to: 

  • view our full benefits booklet

  • order new ID cards

  • submit and view your claims

  • check if prescriptions are covered

  • and much more! 

If you have specific questions regarding our employee benefits, please contact Megan Latzkowski at the Quest Main Office.


Contact Note
This form is a means of communicating with the Management Team. You can document any issues, concerns or notable conversations and submit to the appropriate member of the Management Team. Please ensure that the information on this form remains confidential and is delivered directly to the person who it is intended. Do not leave these forms in your location of work for another staff member to hand in for you, as information may be seen by other employees. Please see Policy No. CR-04: Confidentiality Practices for more details.
DSWI/DSWII Evaluation
Each employee will have an annual evaluation completed with his or her direct supervisor. We want you to have an active role in this process and therefore the evaluation is available for each employee to review. Each employee should fill out the first page of the evaluation prior to the meeting, and come prepared to chat about the topics discussed in the evaluation. This was there can be 2-way communication and input into the evaluation process.
Direct Deposit Enrolment Form
If you wish to enroll in direct deposit, submit this form along with a void cheque/automatic deposit form to the main office. In order to be eligible for direct deposit, employees must have worked for Quest for at least 3-months and successfully completed their probationary period.
Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
A Conflict of Interest occurs when someone has a private or personal interest in a situation, which is likely to bias their decision making, or benefit the employee personally or financially, or could influence their objectivity in performing any duties during their employment with Quest Support Services. At minimum, employees will be asked about potential conflicts, and be provided an opportunity to disclose possible conflicts annually at their Employee Evaluation. Furthermore, employees should fill this form out any time circumstances change which may indicate a real or potential Conflict of Interest.
Employee Availability Form
The Employee Resource Centre is responsible for ensure that properly trained employees are staffed in each available shift. During high turnover periods such April/May, August/September, and December/January we ask that if employees need to change their regular shifts to accommodate their new schedules, they fill out the Employee Availability form. The more notice the Employee Resource Centre receives regarding changing schedules, the better the chance they will be able to accommodate your new schedule!
Employee of the Month Nomination Form
If you wish to nominate a DSWI or DSWII staff for Employee of the Month, please fill out the attached form and submit at the main office or to reception@questsupport.com. Forms are also available at QuestWest.
Hazard/Near Miss Report
Use this form to report a hazard and/or a near miss. A hazard is something that could potentially cause an accident or injury. A near miss is when an incident happened that could have caused an injury, but didn’t in that case. Both should be reported so that the Safety Department can make sure that the hazard gets fixed as soon as possible.
Incident Report
The completion and submission of this form is mandatory within 24-hours of an incident occurring. This can include medication errors, police involvement, behaviours of concern, individual or employee injury, etc. Please ensure that the information on this form remains confidential and is delivered directly to the person who it is intended. Do not leave these forms in your location of work for another staff member to hand in for you, as information may be seen by other employees. Please see Policy No. CR-04: Confidentiality Practices for more details.
Mileage Claim
Mileage can be claimed for any kilometers driven in an employee's own vehicle during their shift. This form needs to be submitted to the Main Office by the 2nd business day of the month to claim mileage for the prior month. Mileage is paid once per month @ $0.30 per KM.
Request for Documentation
From time to time employees may desire to have certain information from their Employee File, documents such as employee evaluations, copies of training certificates, tax forms and/or records of employees. This form is required to be submitted to the Quest Main office any time an employee requires such documents from their Employee File.
Request for Time Off
Use this form to book off time from work. All planned time off must be submitted on a Request for Time Off Form and follow Policy No. ER-11: Employee Time Off. You may submit this form in person to the Main Office or email to reception@questsupport.com.
T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment
The T2200 form allows employees to claim expenses incurred during employment, for example: mileage. Fill out Part A of the form before submitting. The form will be returned by email once completed. If you have any questions please contact the main office.
You do not need to submit this timesheet to Management as we keep electronic timesheets on our computer system. However we do provide Timesheets for staff to keep track of hours worked for their own records.
Work Request
If you notice a hazard or maintenance issue that needs attention, please fill out the above work request form and submit to your Supervisor. The Maintenance Department will respond to the inquiry on a priority basis.