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The Access Program at Quest offers a variety of on-site and off-site programs for people of all abilities. The primary areas of focus are: community relations, recreation & leisure, skill development, friendship, and fun. Individual interests and skills are explored and built upon as staff provide ongoing support for positive health and well-being.

101D - 920 2A Avenue North



       "To re-structure a self-advocacy group”

Throughout the past two years, the pandemic created a number of barriers and obstacles preventing groups from getting together. As restrictions have eased, the AIR team is focusing on restructuring what was formally known as VOICES into a curriculum based self-advocacy group. The focus will be gaining input from members on topics for skill building and development and producing high quality opportunities for self-advocates to learn a variety of skills.

Forest Path


The snow and cold is here. Please make sure you are dressing appropriately for the day. Employees and Individuals are asked to bring a toque and mittens to program each day. Winter boots are encouraged, however we ask that you please bring with a spare set of footwear to eliminate snow from falling off footwear and melting on the carpets. Employees and Individuals have access to lockers to store their indoor footwear here if they choose.


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