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The ACCESS program at Quest offers a variety of on-site and off-site activities for people of all abilities.  The primary areas of focus are community access, recreation & leisure, and fostering friendship.  Staff assist in building upon individuals unique interests and strengths while offering a holistic and therapeutic approach.  Programming includes Quest for Fitness Light (QFL), Creative Quest, Sensory Art, seasonal events, cultural opportunities and more.

101D - 920 2A Avenue North



Bring new Life to AIR

After consultations with a variety of AIR employees and stakeholders, a desire to remain current to individuals interests and wishes within their supports was identified.

AIR determined that a 2 year goal would be necessary.  Year One will focus on getting feedback from individuals and employees while also assessing current resources within AIR.  Year Two will focus on planning for changes and implementing new programming among the AIR programs.

AIR recognizes that in order to stay relevant in disability services, we will continually need to be looking for new and exciting opportunities.  AIR is committed to ensuring AIR is a place that individuals want to come, and employees enjoy the work they do.



 The warm weather is fast approaching and we will remain spontaneous and adjust calendars if the weather stays warm and dry.  We’ll be sending home winter gear from lockers and encourage you to bring in a hat and sunscreen for the warmer days.  Please also ensure you’re wearing proper footwear for community walks.


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