How to Join

Meet & Greet

Interested in hearing more about what Quest has to offer? Contact your Community Service Coordinator at Disability Services or Child & Family Services to set up an appointment to meet us. This meeting usually takes place at the Quest main office, Disability Services office, or a place of your choosing. We can talk about what you are looking for and what Quest has to offer and go from there.


If you are interested in joining ACCESS, IMPACT or REACH we can set up a tour where you can visit any or all three programs to see if it is a match for you.


If you feel like Quest might be the best option for you, then an application must be filled out. This application captures information that helps us provide the  best supports possible. Anyone close to you can assist with filling out the application, including: friend, family, staff, healthcare worker or guardian. We use this information to determine if we have the services available to provide the best supports for you. If you are accepted into the program, then we also use this information to build some training documents for our employees.

During the application process, the Agency also requests any supporting documentation that might help us determine the type of support you require. This may include things such as: medical records, assessments, court orders, etc.

Review the Information

After the application has been received and we are aware of the type of support you are looking for, our Associate Team meets to determine if the agency is able to support you. We consider a variety of factors such as:

- are we skilled to provide the supports you require?


- do we have an opening within the program that you are interested in?


- is your funding adequate or in alignment with the supports you are requesting?


- do we have staff and management readily available to provide the supports you are requesting?

If the agency is unable to provide supports to you based on the information provided or current lack of space, the Director will contact you directly to make you aware of this. The Director will make you aware of any gaps and provide you with information to advocate for the resources or supports you may need.

If the agency is unable to provide immediate supports due to lack of space (vacancy), the Director will place you on an Agency Waiting List. You are encouraged to contact the agency every 4 weeks to check in to see if space has been made available.

Once the information is received and the Agency feels confident providing supports, a Planning Meeting will be set up.


Once the Agency has identified an opening within the program you select, we meet again to do some program planning together. This process will include a number of things such as:

- Reviewing Paperwork: includes internal documents, consent forms, and a Service Agreement 

- Risk Assessment: these are conducted agency-wide and help us prepare to limit risk for you and your staff

- Program Planning: we meet to discuss exactly what you would like support with and identify what you are independent on doing on your own

- Move -in Checklist: this applies to people joining the LIVING team

- Code of Conduct: an agreement that every member of Quest signs agreeing that we will be kind to Quest property and one another

**Additional documentation as it relates to your specific program**

Let's Go

The Agency completes an internal document called an Intake Planning Tool. This ensures that we have everything ready for your supports to begin. At this point we work with you and the funder to determine a start date that works best for everyone.

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24/7 on-call emergency service available to respond

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